This collection, composed of 8 objects, is the fruit of a study
conducted by Studiopepe on the relationship between form, light, and colour.

Out of the Blue is an idiomatic expression in English that describes an event that occurs unexpectedly. The blue refers to the sky in which something unexpected suddenly appears. Taken literally, something comes forth ‘out of the blue’ or ‘emerges from the blue’, as though the colour blue in this study might assume its own physical form. 

The collection of sculptures investigates the correspondence between sunlight and the surface, through the study of form. The photographic process behind the cyanotype makes this mutable relationship visible (cyan comes from the ancient Greek word kýanos which means dark blue). 

The colour blue, in all of its shades and depending upon various factors combined together, becomes the direct result of this encounter. Intrinsically, it tells us the story behind how the object was manufactured, the length of its exposure to sunlight after being brushed with the cyanotype solution, and the light conditions during that timeframe. These coordinates are the name of the object itself, defining its identity and uniqueness.


"All of a sudden.
A passing fade.
Fickle. Flickering. Reacting.
Shadow-play. Lightning-speed. Hide & seek.

— Angelo Flaccavento